"Who Else Wants to Create Professional Looking Videos - Even on a Shoestring Budget?"

And Then Use Them To Makes Sales, Get Leads, and Drive Traffic...

Even if you're petrified of being on camera, you've never made a video before,  and can't even spell Youtube!

From: Simon & David
Date: Thursday 10:30 am

We all know today that video is important, and that it can drive lots of traffic to your website for little or no cost.

There are more than 40 hours of videos being uploaded every minute, more hours of footage are watched on Youtube every day, than on all the TV channels in the world combined, and Youtube is now a more important search engine than even Google...

So to say that using Video is important for your business and essential for your online marketing is an understatement.

But what are you to do when you can't switch on a camera, and you'd prefer to have your teeth pulled than be in front of one?

You could hire a professional team, and spend thousands of $'s, days if not weeks and still end up with something that may not get you what you really want... And have to go back to them and pay even more if you want the slightest thing changed. (We know we've done this before...)

Even then after paying them up to a small fortune, they don't care about the success of your video, or your business...

You could buy books and spend the next year using out dated information and trying to learn the hard way by your own mistakes, or you could buy high end expensive courses that teach you everything under the sun apart from exactly what you need.


Video Online Made Easy™ is a set of easy to follow step by step video modules that show you exactly what you need to create professional videos no matter what your budget.

If you can push a button on your iPhone, or talk to someone on Skype, you can create professional videos.

Video Online Made Easy™ is for you if you want to create videos that you know you need for your business.

And once you get up to speed on creating videos through this course, you can also start creating videos for clients.

Module 1:
Video 101 - Video Types You Can Use

This Module goes into the different types of Videos you can create for your business, whether you want to be in front of the camera or not.

  • Learn the Different Types of Video
  • The Foundations for these Types of Videos
  • Discover which One is Best for You



Module 2:
The Video Creation System

In this module, we'll cover the Video Creation System from start to finish, so you know the map and the steps you'll be going through for whichever type of video you want to put to use for you.

  • Find out the Steps of the Video Creation System
  • Follow the 1-2-3 step process to Creating Videos from start to finish
  • Follow the Check-lists to Creating Videos in X Easy Steps


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Module 3:
Video Tools and Technologies

Discover the essential tools you need to get your videos online - no matter what your budget.

  • Find out What Tools you can use for your Budget
  • Discover Free Tools and Resources to get Started
  • Discover Your Options to get Paid Tools for Free
    (and ways they can pay for themselves)



Module 4:
Screen Capture Essentials

In this module we go over how to create Screen Capture videos quickly and easily, including:

  • Screen Capture Set-Up
  • How to Record Presentations Videos
  • How to Record Demonstration Videos
  • Removing Mistakes (as if they ever never happened)


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Module 5:
Live Video Capture Essentials

In this module we go over how to create Live "Talking Head" Videos quickly and easily, including:

  • Live Video Capture Set-Up
  • How to Record Live Videos
  • How to Present on Camera
  • Body Language Essentials so you look as if you've been presenting for years.
  • Removing Mistakes (as if they ever never happened)



Module 6:
Uploading Your Videos

In this module we go over how to upload your videos, including:

  • The only File Format you SHOULD be using for online video
  • Where and how to upload your videos
  • How to put your videos on your website or blog
  • How to use your videos to drive traffic to your website



The six modules of Video Online Made Easy™ will give you all you need to start to create professional videos.

To make the Video creation process even easier to put into use for you, we have included some exclusive bonuses for this offer (which may be removed at any time).

Bonus 1:
Video Scriptwriting 101

In this module we go over how to script your videos, including:

  • Easy Scriptwriting Techniques
  • The 5 minute Scriptwriting System
  • Video Script Template and Checklist

Bonus 2:
Youtube Video Marketing 101

In this module we go over how  to optimise Youtube and Your Videos to Drive traffic to your websites, including:

  • Creating a Youtube Channel
  • Optimising Your Youtube Channel
  • Optimising Your Videos

Bonus 3:
Resources and Discounts

In this module we share our private lists of resources we use and money saving discounts on video creation tools


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Online Training: 6 Modules
Module 1: Video 101
The different types of video you can create...
Module 2: The Video Creation System
The Step by Step System for creating any video
Module 3: Video Tools and Technologies
The Essential tools for getting your video online
Module 4: Screen Capture Essentials
How to create screen capture videos quickly and easily
Module 5: Live Video Capture Essentials
How to create Live Talking Head Videos quickly and easily
Module 6: Uploading Your Videos
The steps you need to upload your videos
Checklists for Each Module $97.00
Video & Audio Training: Available 24 hours a day PRICELESS
Bonus 1: Scripts 101
Video Scriptwriting Checklist
Bonus 2: Youtube Video Marketing 101
How to optimise Youtube and Your Videos to drive traffic to your websites 24/7
Bonus 3: Resources and Discounts
A list of resources we use and money saving discounts on video creation tools
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